On Sale: ‘James Bond’ Devices

The picture below was taken in Fakfak, one of the regencies in West Papua Province, Indonesia, during my visit in late-2011. It was midnight and we were strolling the road around the harbor.

The usually buzzing street market was almost empty at night except for some Papuan youth selling betel nuts on a plastic mat at the corner. The road barely fit the vehicles passing both ways during the days; that night only 1-2 motorcycles were seen. All stores were already closed business for the night except for a 24-hour internet station with a decent connection that looked a bit more like a local eatery from outside with their wooden panel windows.

We were leaving the harbor and heading up the hill when I saw this sign:

espOn top of a wooden panel door there was banner of a local company advertising security cameras. But one item they were selling was very intriguing: ‘ALAT SPIONASE’ or ‘Espionage Tools’. I wondered what on earth could they be trading besides CCTVs and office supplies?

Then my wildest fantasy came into picture: perhaps you would open that door and saw a staircase going down to a wide underground control room full of devices and toys and will startle James Bond?


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