The Reluctant Bookworm

Aah reading. My favorite pastime especially on a Sunday afternoon like today. I’m pretty much of a bookworm, or was, since I often saved money to buy books every month only to find myself over spending too much at the bookstore.

But ever since the internet came, this old hobby gradually began shifting into browsing the internet and most of my time is spent on reading news websites and blogs rather than books. As a result, I’m becoming a reluctant bookworm. 😦

I still buy them, though rarely finish anything that I purchase and they end up piling my bookshelf. If you ask me the book that I just read, that would be an Indonesian novel that my friend wrote which is published through an indie brand and still struggling to gain readership.

As for the book that I’m reading or struggling to read is the Bible. It is such rewarding one day and a tedious task on the other that keeping up a set schedule is an achievement unto itself.

But I also think we should stop feeling guilty. The world is indeed shifting and so are the platforms to learn. Paper books might find its last days of printing in the future and we should prepare ourselves to move on to other methods.

Do you still read paper books?

This interesting topic is taken from here.


5 responses to “The Reluctant Bookworm

  1. Good for you!
    I myself haven’t gotten through the whole Bible. Some books but not the entire thing.
    Frankly, I prefer paper. I tire easily when I read blocks thru the monitor or the screen.

  2. I enjoy paper books so much more! I love reading before I go to bed and I need the feel of a real paper book in my hands. Just like the smell of a new book smells (suprisingly) good to me!

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