Dear Anxiety

Dear Anxiety,

How are you today? Still busy infiltrating my carefully laid-out thoughts & plans, I see. You know well I’ve got worries of the future, thanks for being the firstborn in the family who gets all the tasks of taking care of the family while thinking less and less of himself.

I’m in a comfort zone yet uncomfortable when I’m with you. Once the true me is taken away, it takes a quadruple hundred efforts to retrieve it from your flocks. You can easily switch my solid confidence with fragile layers of emotion. Gone is the wisdom and replaced by endless questions of nonsense.

But guess what, I see it now. Instead of wallowing over your omnipresence in the realms of my heart, I’ve got a new weapon. You see, I’ve stopped believing in me that you’ve always wanted me to believe in.

Now that I know that believing in yourself results in none other than doom, I choose to believe in something else, a Higher Power, you know, God and all. He can take away my worries & replace each layer of fragile emotion with strong foundation of faith. And yes, he can get rid of you.

So I shall leave you with two options: shape up to leave voluntarily or prepared to be shipped out by force.

P.S. Your reply would be unnecessary as I will change the keys & bolts to my house. No, my postcode remains the same; it is you who will move out.


This is a response to the Daily Prompt: Shape Up or Ship Out


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