To Jump or Not to Jump

I may have a good network in the social media or gather an interesting circle of blog community activists. But once I sign off, I’m back to normal routines of going to work everyday and living paycheck to paycheck.

I barely save money, thanks to those alluring airline promotions to the la-la-land that I faithfully buy (before the discount seats are sold out, don’t you agree with me?!) Or lured by a mutual fund investment that promises a hefty profit but requires extreme savings before giving it to the hands of giggly bank CSOs. I sigh everytime I open my account book.

I like my job, I really do. But there are times I wish I could just quit and start my own business, or combining pleasure with business. Travel writing is always fascinating but the thought of finding a gold mine this month and living penniless the next is really scary. I’ve been there and don’t want to go back.

But come to think of it, being self-employed comes with a priceless reward of knowing what to do without having to succumb to the boss’s orders. And if that promises flexible time to do some travel, why can’t I just jump to the sea and get wet?!

The clock is ticking and I need some action. How long should I wait before daring to submit my resignation?

For more inspiring thoughts on this matter, go to this prompt.


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