Gogo’s Act of Kindness

doggie copy

Meet this handsome boy; only I recently I knew his name: Gogo. He’s not my dog, he actually lives two blocks away from my home.

I’m doing some projects in a factory and have to be there twice a week and I must pass his house on the way there. He lives together with a family who owns 3-4 other dogs. The father works as an ‘angkot’ (public minibus transportation) driver and the mother stays at home. I’ve never seen their children, perhaps they’re grown up already.

Because the family doesn’t seem to have much income to take care of their dogs, let alone meet household needs, those dogs are left outside the yard and often wander around the housing complex. I sometimes hear their barks at night when they were chasing cats or rats.

But Gogo attracted my attention mainly because he looks relatively clean compared to his smelly siblings, and moreover, he’s very friendly. Never before I saw a dog so willingly stood up to welcome a passer-by although I didn’t have any food at the time. And he always made this squeaking sound as if he were trying to say: love me, take me. 😦

But of course I couldn’t just do that. Despite the poor condition, Gogo has a home and family. And as much as I wanted to take him, I don’t think the dog-hating neighborhood would tolerate him coming to live with us.

So I can only see him when I pass by the street, occasionally give him treats, and get much love in return. He found my home one night, though by accident because I happened to be sitting at the porch that evening. After receiving some fish, he wouldn’t want to move or go home despite of my repeated attempts to carry him home. So finally I relented and let him sat at the front door until he disappeared in the morning.

For me, that’s a small act of kindness I could give to Gogo: treats and some pats on the head. And Gogo’s return is no small: a warm welcoming jump everytime we meet.


This is a response to the Daily Prompt: Moment of Kindness.


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