Questioning Morality

What is your morality? Where does it come from? Are you open-minded to other influences or do you uphold yours and oppress the rest?

To be honest, talking about morality breaks my heart as I see persecutions around me flourishing uncontrollably.

Be it the expulsion of Shi’a communities from their own homes, killings and threats against Ahmadiya followers, and banning churches from worshipping at their own purchased lands despite having court guarantee for their religious freedom.

So what morality, I ask you, if you condemn such acts of intolerance and violence yet do nothing to prevent them? You have the constitutional power yet seem so powerless to tell the law enforcers to enforce law.

No more, I say. No more vote from me for next year. Your morality is questionable, therefore you are replacable.

This is a response to the Daily Prompt.


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