The World Through Obi’s Eyes


Meet Obi. He is the newest addition to our family, having been brought from a shelter last night. I picked him up at the shelter and he ran to the corner of the cage when I spotted him. But after I held him up and he shyly gazed towards me, I knew I fell in love.

It is now his second night and he still doesn’t make much sound except when we put him in a box so we could clean his new cage at home. I wonder what he thinks about me, about the new family and his new home. Does he miss his sister we left behind? Does he feel weary that he had to adapt to a new home at such a young age? He must have had a lot in his mind, growing up without a mother and all that.

Ease away those worries, Obi. You’re home now. šŸ™‚


This is part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Our Eyes.


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