Daily Prompt: Turboprops!

If I go on a cross-country trip, my obvious choice would be planes. Well, with over 17,000 islands spanning across the equator, would you expect me to hop on a boat and sway on board for 4 days when I can do the same journey for 3 hours on a plane instead? πŸ˜€

I like airplanes, all kinds of them. But my favorite ones are turboprops like this handsome ATR-72 bird that took me from Ambon to Fakfak in the eastern part of Indonesian Archipelago. I find turboprops not so scary to approach as the engines are not roaring as loud as jet planes and we can pretty much observe the loading and unloading activities, especially if you’re departing from smaller airports.

They also fly at relatively low altitudes so the view is always breathtaking. Except during stormy weather when you can feel that the wind blows you off and the turbulence is likely to make you sick. πŸ˜›

Here are some pictures of the bird and the view from inside.






This is a response to the Daily Prompt here.


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