A Secret I Never Tell My Parents

I was in the first year of university when I crossed a busy street in a rush for a class. For those of you in South or Southeast Asia, you might be familiar with this: a bustling two-way street without clear road signs & directions, cars & motorbikes occupying the space like they own the kingdom – often bumper-to-bumper in high speed.

I was standing in the middle of street, my feet stepping on the faded road boundaries when suddenly BANG, a car who already was running on the right lane suddenly decided to use the opposite lane to pass by the traffic jam without alarming anybody that it was making a sharp turn. He spotted me wearing a bright yellow shirt but it was too late; the bumper slammed me at the right torso and I rolled for about 10 meters. Luckily he wasn’t speeding.

I was shaken, my mind frantically thought of having another car running over my body while I was still there lying on the street. So I quickly got up, a friend of mine came out of nowhere and helped me to the other side and asked whether I was okay. I was.

The driver that hit me was a nice looking gentleman followed by some people I could see were his family. But I was too scared to talk or do anything so I just said I was okay and turned my back. I was late for an important exam!

I escaped the accident unhurt except probably my pride. It wasn’t until that evening when I started to feel the pain at some muscles perhaps because of the shock. But I never told my parents or anybody about it. Perhaps my mother will read this and now I’m gonna be in trouble.


Is there anything most people don’t know about you? Here’s a prompt to help you share.


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