Far From Home: Kanazawa


If you ask me the furthest place I’ve ever been from home, that would be Japan. The northernmost point I’ve ever visited in this country was Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture; home to some 400,000 people emerging from fisherman’s village in the past to a mature industrial area.

I was there for a business trip to visit some textile factories. Compared to huge areas of Indonesia, China, and Vietnam, I was surprised to see some factories adjacent to the owner’s house with less than 20 workers doing their job faithfully, yet they produce one of the highest yarn qualities and the products are highly sought after by demanding customers.

But apart from the industries, people come to Kanazawa to enjoy the simplicity of life: sea view, fresh air, and as one factory owner pointed out: water drinking. The people of Kanazawa pride themselves for having the freshest water quality in the country that they prefer tap water than bottled produce.

I promise to be back someday, this time not for business.


10 responses to “Far From Home: Kanazawa

  1. Bro.I have visited Japan around 2008, the name of the place is Fukuoka. And at that time we also used sinkanzen to visit Tokyo..Thx for share

  2. Japan is always my favorite country so far. Been there multiple times, I always miss the “morning rush” — when people use subway trains heading to work….

    • Morning rush is always a headache. Luckily when i studied at the university, the campus location was far from downtown Tokyo and reachable on foot 🙂

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