The Golden Hour of Jakarta

After a sudden cancellation of an appointment last weekend, I decided to spend a quite afternoon by myself by staying in the train until the last station and disembarking to the old town of Jakarta. The capital city of Indonesia has just celebrated its 462nd birthday with a grand but, some people say, down-to-earth festivals and carnivals, thanks to the newly-elected governor with his series of breakthroughs.

But despite the rapid development (and the ever-increasing problems that surround it), some things never change. The sights of Sunda Kelapa Harbor, for example, has been pretty much the same for centuries and I was there to capture the everlasting moment with my camera phone. After a little brightness and saturation editing, here is what I can offer:

Sunda Kelapa Harbor, Jakarta

Sunda Kelapa Harbor, Jakarta

Nothing much compared to what you guys presented. The more I take pictures, the more I feel the needs to learn about smartphone photography. 😀


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