Papuan Foreshadow

Karas Islands, West Papua, Indonesia.

After 5 hours of flight, 6 hours of layover in Fakfak city, and 2 hours of boat ride on Aru Sea, I arrived in Karas, an group of 3 islands with each barricaded by coral reefs and crystal clear water. But mind you, I was city boy without sea legs who nervously stepped on the jetty and just being grateful I didn’t throw up my lunch. And the first thing I did: took out my phone to look for signal.

“We’re still praying for the cellular company to install their tower, sir. Maybe next month, but that’s what they said two months ago.”

The prospect of spending a few weeks in practically nowhere without any modern mean to connect with civilization looked gloomy. An offer to send out word to family by incoming boat the next day was welcomed with a faint smile. What if something urgent happened back home?

“Usually our family contacts us by calling the radio station in Fakfak, Sir. Then the anchor can broadcast the message every evening. You wanna come by to our house tonight as we tune in?”

“No thanks. I can tune in to the radio with my phone, anyway.”

The reception was poor but audible still.

The hour passed and soon it was sunset. With nothing else to do with the phone, I snapped a picture with a sigh.


13 responses to “Papuan Foreshadow

    • I was sad indeed, but things got better. After mourning for the loss of signal, I began to enjoy the days and it was actually liberating. But thank God they have a new tower on the islands now.

      I always use new templates. It’s a bit of an addiction πŸ˜‰

  1. I may be showing my age, but my family has a rule about vacations, no electronics… we usually go on a canoe trip into the wilderness of Ontario, Canada. No electricity, No buildings, no roads, No news, no weather reports, no contact, just relaxing and exploring and fishing and hiking. My children have grown with it so do not find it hard.(The Park rangers fly into each lake to make sure everyone is still ok)

    • I agree with you when it comes to vacation. But i actually came to the island for a charity project. Having no connection is like doing AWOL from work. Hahaha

      Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

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