Henceforth You Shall Be Called ‘Brad’

Brad was the name given to me when I was born. My parents wanted to name me ‘Novia’ in anticipating an incoming baby girl, but ‘Brad’ crossed into my grandpa’s mind ever since I had been in my mother’s womb and he would insist my parents to put ‘Bradley’ into my name. So they made a list of possible names that could include ‘Brad’ regardless of the sex, be it the first name or middle one (Does ‘Novia Bradley’ sound good?).

Did they know the meaning of that name? No. I had to figure it out myself from a book of baby names that I got from a small library near my home when I was around 9 years old. The meaning is ‘from a broad meadow’, an old Anglo Saxon word. My grandpa, when he was showed this fact and asked about the reason for his choice just shrugged off. So apparently he chose that name because ‘it sounded cool’.

Does the name suit me? I didn’t even know the interpretation of it so I never got the chance to compare with my being. I only remembered it caused mayhem in many school attendance lists and it came out as ‘Bredley’ in both my elementary and junior high school certificates. You have no idea how I had wished they would have given me an ordinary Indonesian name like ‘Jamal’ or ‘Bambang’. But a decision had been made, and henceforth, I would be called ‘Brad’.

But regardless of the name, no one could deny the fact that I was cute. ^^

No, this wasn't me. Haha (from kbaby.info)

No, this wasn’t me. Haha (from kbaby.info)


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