The Hue of Jepara

I have always been fascinated by the shades of blue that it often ‘tells’ me what to do. It directs me to what clothes I choose over a pile of discounted pieces at the mall; it tells me what brands to buy by looking at the logo; it shows me the goodness of blue themes in WordPress.

Some people may think twice as this color is often associated with ‘feeling blue’; an expression of gloom & sadness that may as well tarnish the original beauty of the shades. To me, blue is calming, soothing, giving you a sense of peace and security.

That is why I love taking pictures of everything blue. The two pieces below were taken last week at Bondo beach in Jepara, Central Java province, Indonesia. The first object was already a particular interest itself as it sits in a majority of Muslim residents; a sign of peace and harmony as a mosque also sits next door. Meanwhile the second was an unexpected sunset as we were just ready to leave when I took a last look at the horizon and caught a fading blue just above the sun, glittered with yellow sunset clouds. Breathtaking!



4 responses to “The Hue of Jepara

    • it’s a Protestant church. FYI, the Dutch pretty much separated the protestant and catholic movements in the past with the latter being much more restricted. I believe it had something to do with frictions in Europe during the same centuries.

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